Natural Look Stone Tile For Wall Cladding

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Anmol Ceramic’s natural look stone tiles look very similar to traditional stone flooring. Natural stone tiles give a classy and elegant look to any space doubled with their unique charm.

Stone has always been considered a material that embodies the nobility and charm of the past and has long been a part of our interior and exterior spaces, even if its sometimes-tedious maintenance has held many back. In contrast, natural stone look tiles combine the technical properties of porcelain stoneware with the elegant beauty of stone. The use of advanced technologies enable Anmol Ceramic to reproduce natural stone in a precise and faithful way. This makes natural look stone tile an effective solution for your floor and wall coverings.

Stone has always been very popular in our homes, both indoors and outdoors. However, not all types of stone are suitable for all applications, as each type of stone has different requirements in terms of slip resistance and resistance to humidity, heat and frost. On the other hand, tiles that look like stone offer all the technical qualities of porcelain stoneware and can therefore be safely installed in all indoor and outdoor areas.

Typical veins, grainy and irregular textures, natural nuances of stone combine with the resistance in a collection of versatile and elegant floor and wall tiles, suitable for the installation in both indoors and outdoors, in domestic and commercial contexts.

Anmol Ceramic’s natural look stone collection conveys a traditional mood and a timeless elegance, but is also able to define architectural and interior design projects with a modern appeal.

Anmol Ceramic’s collections are inspired by various types of stones existing in nature, each one with different origins and characteristics, but the same values: strength, elegance, personality, elements that combined with the high technical performance of stoneware create a balanced and contemporary product.