Exterior Wall Cladding tiles Manufacturer in Morbi

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The exterior is the first thing anybody sees when they come to visit your house. One of the best things that you can use for the exterior of your house, is exterior wall tiles. Exterior wall tiles are tiles that are fixed to the outside of a building to make them look more attractive. This is also called ‘exterior wall cladding’ and is gaining popularity. Irrespective of whether you have bought the house for residential or commercial purpose, exterior tiles are a safe exterior cladding option.

While you might think that all tiles- interior and exterior tiles- are the same, this is not true. One of the more obvious differences between interior wall tiles and external wall tiles, lies in their strength and durability. Exterior wall tiles are more durable than indoor tiles and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as sunlight, rain, humidity, etc. Outside wall tiles are resistant to acid rain and hence, can retain their appearance and strength longer. Another difference between tiles for exterior wall and interior wall lies in their texture. Exterior wall tiles, upon installation, have a rougher texture than interior wall tiles.

Anmol Ceramic is an exterior wall cladding tiles manufacturer in Morbi, and our tiles are light-bodied tile, scientifically designed grooves to make better bonding with the base which in result do not de-bond even after decades of installation.

The exterior wall cladding tiles speak volume about the residents of the house. Almost all types of tiles, that is either matt or glossy, can be used in the exterior walls provided they have been certified as “exterior” tile.

The classic stone look outside your home has got a new modern version to it. These are much loved by those who like to create a vintage and rustic look outside their home. These gel along with natural stones and add to the continuity of your balcony or sit-out area. These tiles can also be a great choice to be used at your garden area.