Brick Wall / Brick Elevation Tiles Design For Wall

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If you are looking to elevate the look of your precious spaces in a contemporary yet rustic look, brick tile is the right pick for you. Anmol Ceramic is brick wall tile manufacturer in Morbi. Exposed brick wall tiles are back in trend and elite home owners and interior designers are welcoming it with open arms. Brick wall tiles are a great style idea for its aesthetic appeal as it gives an illusion of an authentic brick wall while giving you the benefits of a durable tile. The warmth and rustic charm that the brick tiles add to any room are priceless and eternal.

Brick walls were very common in olden days. The same rustic look can be easily replicated by installing brick wall tiles on any indoor or outdoor space in the house. Today, this look is considered as modern and contemporary with its unique and distinctive style. The brick effect on the wall adds a lot of charm and class to space. You can install these tiles on any one of the walls and create a focal point in the room. It rejuvenates the area with subtle warmth and character.

Brick wall tiles are available in a cornucopia of colors and diverse styles. Whether you are looking for reclaimed look tumbled tiles or modern sleek brick, you will find everything in these tiles.
Anmol Ceramic is a dedicated brick tile manufacturer from Morbi.  The brick look tile and elevation wall tiles from Anmol Ceramic are versatile from variety to applications and thus give you complete freedom to unleash your imagination, creating new designs adding timeless appeal to your home or office interiors.

Aesthetically appealing in both design and structure, our brick look tile and elevation tiles offer high resistance and also give a robust look to your walls creating an awe-inspiring impression and enrich your space with new ways of understanding décor and style. Our top of the line range of tiles are manufactured using modern technology and is available in several options across various sizes, textures and colour that cater to every taste and suit individual needs and budget.

Our wall tiles are resistant to moisture, mould, heat and noise, thus offering a comfortable and secure space to live in. The thermal insulation properties of our tiles help keep your building cool thus reducing the electricity cost saving you money in the long run.  We offer various styles that help enhance the decor of interiors as well as exteriors. We offer you a multitude of stylish designs, dimensions and different size tiles.